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Url shortner vs Tracking

Url shortner vs Tracking
Url shortner vs Tracking

What is URL shortner vs URL Tracking?

Url shortner vs Tracking, Url shortners are simply short long ugly url but modern short url does the tracking part to like visitor tracking and location. When it comes to URL tracking tools are also can use as short urls as well advance tracking on url when some clicks, Tracking urls can track conversions, and rotate links and do much more.. here top 5 or more list of link shortner online services and tracking tools.

Url shortner tools

  1. Bitly – Re-search about Bitly here
  2. Rebrandly – Re-search about Rebrandly here
  3. Tiny CC – Re-search about Tiny CC here
  4. Tiny URL – Re-search about Tiny URL here
  5. Sniply – Re-search about Sniply here
  6. Smart Url – Re-search about Smarturl here
  7. Wowlink – Re-search about wowlink here
  8. LinkaUS – Re-search about Linka Us here
  9. Is.Gd – Re-search about Is.GD here
  10. – Re-search about
  11. Ushort io – Re-search about Ushort io
  12. Re-search about

Now you got more than 5..this is the ultimate list of short URL tool and tracking tools.

Url tracking tools

  1. Click Magick _ Top recommended Tracking and URL short tool โ€” Search more
  2. Clickmeter – Read more
  3. Improvly – Improve your tracking here
  4. Clicky – start free one of best free tool
  5. Linktracker – visit their official site for info by going here
  6. Linkly – now this is awesome
  7. Qliker URL tracking + Rotater – VIP research
  8. Trakn – Reseach more about Trackn
  9. ClixTrac – check the out too
  10. Histats i see reviews on Histats
  11. – see reviews on
  12. HitsConnect – – see reviews for Hitsconnect
  13. Tracking- Paid only – reviews
  14. – Paid only 20/m – Advnce unlimited – Hyper Tracker Research
  15. Quality Click Control- Best for track email solo ads clicks- Paid only- lifetime $997 – see what is this

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