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Thrive Themes VS. MyThemeShop

Who Does It Better? Thrive Themes VS. MyThemeShop

Tired of spending too much on WordPress themes and plugins for your sites? A great way to save money is to pick up a WordPress membership plan. These plans can, for a fee, give you access to a gargantuan range of themes and plugins created by the same distributor, which helps ensure their compatibility and stability in working together. This route for acquiring plugins and themes is much cheaper than buying themes and plugins individually, and keeps more money in your wallet, where it belongs.

If you’re unsure about which membership to pick, we’re going to compare two prominent membership services here that specialize in WordPress themes and plugins: Thrive Themes and MyThemeShop.

First, we will examine Thrive Themes and all the various aspects of membership with them.

Thrive Themes Membership

So, you might be wondering how Thrive Themes works. What Thrive Themes’ membership does is give you access to all of their conversion-focused plugins and themes. If you get the All-In-One Online Business Toolbox, for example, you will have access to 7 polished plugins and 10 beautifully-designed themes. Most of your content building can be done through the plugin Thrive Architect, which handles content and landing pages.

Thrive Dashboard

The dashboard on Thrive is an easy way to manage any installed Thrive Themes products that you have on your WordPress site, and has two main categories: Installed Products and Thrive Features.

Installed Products shows what products you currently have, and automatically updates as you install new Thrive plugins or themes. Each item will have a menu with links to support queries and tutorials that you can use as needed.

Thrive Features contains settings panels for features that are common among all of Thrive’s products. This can include API connections, Google fonts, icons, and more. From here, you can easily manage broader settings among various products without micromanaging each of your themes and plugins.

Instant Access

When you log in, you will be able to easily find downloads for all of the plugins and themes available for your WordPress pages. Everything is clearly and concisely labeled for easy navigation. You will also be able to find relevant support topics and tutorials for plugins to help you as you need. The Demo page is nice, too, for testing themes and seeing what best suits your needs before publishing. Better still, you can upload directly to your WordPress site from the Demo page!

Thrive University-Visit it now

Thrive started offering this service publicly in 2016, but some features are only accessible via a Thrive Themes Membership, including courses on topics like contact form creation and creating miniature CRM systems using only Thrive plugins and themes. There are a myriad of courses available for all of your WordPress needs using Thrive products.

Members-Only Content

Recently, there has been a bigger push for Thrive to offer even more members-only content for users outside of the Thrive University, and Thrive has delivered. This members-only content includes webinars, how-tos, video tutorials, and other content added monthly to expand the knowledge base for Thrive members so they can get the most out of their membership.

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is an area that includes troubleshooting, documentation, and tutorials for all of your Thrive products. The Knowledge Base can easily be accessed by searching for specific products or queries with the search bar, or checking the popular topics section for information. There is informative content in the Knowledge Base for everyone from beginners who want to learn everything about how Thrive themes work, to WordPress developers with years of experience looking to optimize the use of Thrive products.

Support Forum

The support team at Thrive Themes is excellent overall: issues and requests are posted at the Support Forum, and you can even choose to get email notifications when there’s been an update on your support ticket. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find answers to specific forum queries or issues that may have already been asked previously, especially because customers don’t always use the right forum category for their support questions.

The forum has five sections, including a general discussion area, a Plugins category, a Showcase subforum for showing off your handiwork with Thrive products, a Themes category, and Affiliate, Account, and Presales Support for admin requests. Better search software would aid Thrive in archiving accurate and relevant searches so that relevant topics can be found even when they’re in the wrong forum section. This would also minimize the need to answer duplicate queries or frequently asked questions.


Thrive Themes has two tiers of membership: one for individuals priced at $19/month annually or $25/month quarterly, which lets you access all of the plugins and themes; and an Agency membership, which is $49/month annually or $59/month quarterly, which allows you to use Thrive Themes products both on your own sites and on clients’ sites. All current and future products, along with support for both, are included as long as you have a membership. But if you want theme only its onetime pay see it here

So, that’s what Thrive Themes has to offer. Now, we will move on to the other contender, MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop Themes

Update: Since Mythemeshop themes showing many bugs we do not recommend Mythemeshops themes Until they fix them.

Instead we found DIY themes & Genesis themes are working best and very seo friendly.

here you can take look your self here,

1 Genesis themes

2. DIY themes

MyThemeShop offers two plans for members looking for quality WordPress products: one free membership that comes with 16 themes and 11 plugins and an Extended plan that offers an extra 93 premium themes and 16 premium plugins, all included with the free products for even more options for making your WordPress pages even better.

Easy Access

When you log in, you will receive a list of products. Premium products get top billing starting with themes, and free plugins can be found at the bottom. There are plenty of drop-down menus and mini tutorials and videos to help you with tasks like installing WordPress themes for the first time. The generic guide video for theme installation is very helpful for people new to WordPress, as well.

You will be given 5 options for downloads, which include: themes, documentation, PSD files to customize themes to your liking, demo data, and more information, if you’d like to see a demonstration of the theme currently in use.

Overall, there are tons of resources here and it’s incredibly easy to download and customize them.

Video Tutorials

The HD video tutorials produced by MyThemeShop are screen-sharing tutorials with crisp, clear narration to guide you through various topics. You can also find these on YouTube. The categories are split between free and premium tutorials: the free videos cover basics like theme installation, while premium covers more in-depth subjects like typography options with MyThemeShop.

Change Logs

Something that might be a little bit inconvenient is the lack of publicly available change logs for MyThemeShop products, as change logs are especially useful for picking out issues with products. It would be nice if this was easily available for members to look through.


There are two membership tiers: a free membership with access to a limited selection of free themes and plugins to help you get started, and an Extended plan that comes with an $87 joining fee and is $19 a month for continued use and support from the second month onward. This Extended membership gives you access to all current and future products as well as tech support.

Compare and Contrast

When it comes to comparing Thrive Themes vs. MyThemeShop, no matter who you choose, you’re guaranteed three things: continued support even after the warranty period, a fixed membership price when you join, and access to all current and future products for joining.

The important question now is this: between Thrive Themes and MyThemeShop, who offers the better membership package?


While they’re just about the same price for individual membership plans, MyThemeShop ups the price initially with its joining fee. However, Thrive only allows you to use their products on your own sites, while MyThemeShop’s license is unlimited. For a comparable service you’d have to upgrade to Thrive Agency, which is significantly more expensive than an $87 joining fee.


MyThemeShop easily offers much more in the way of products: members get 27 plugins and 109 themes for a total of 136 products available for use, if you include the products available for the Free plan. Thrive, on the other hand, offers only 17 products (10 themes and 7 plugins) but development and support are very active for all of them. It becomes a trade-off between having more options than you need, just in case you need them, and having exactly what you need, honed to perfection.


Both of these vendors offer fantastic products, but what sets them apart? For Thrive, it’s easily the training materials and members-only content. MyThemeShop may house more products, but Thrive offers more helpful services and extensive support for people of all experience levels. Something Thrive does to help people learn their products is utilize real-life online situations as the basis for relevant training tasks, so what is learned is easily applicable to practical situations. The Thrive Dashboard is also an amazing macro-managing tool for all of your products, and helps set them apart from MyThemeShop.

Update: We highly recommend Thrive themes or 2 other options we mention above .at the moment we can not put our brand behind the mythemeshop since they have bugs slow down site etc.

So, between Thrive Themes and MyThemeShop, who wins? It really depends on your needs, of course, but based on the criteria, it is safe to say that Thrive Themes wins. Why Thrive Themes? They don’t have the largest selection of themes to choose from, but the plugins are high-quality, and support is very active and fast. Thrive University and Knowledge Base are both incredible sources of learning, troubleshooting, and documentation for all users, and the introduction of new members-only content every month makes it absolutely worth it over the premium features that MyThemeShop offers.

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