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Social pro-revolution Dave D. Williamson Scam ?

Social pro-revolution Dave D. Williamson Scam

2020 ALERT: Dave D. Williamson Scam? We just got a complaint from Dave D. Williamson’s lifetime user who paid $497 to access to Social pro-revolution program and suddenly he found after 2 years even he still can access the account they disappear the program which bought and got lifetime access. And he said he email to their main support email and no one gets back ever??? so what that says..

So that leads us to decide what Dave D. Williamson does selling this Social pro-revolution program or scheme is not legit…..

Let’s get into detail about what is Social pro-revolution Dave D. Williamson Scam ?

Who is this guy Dave D. Williamson Scam?

he is a Mastermind person of this program call SPR and from Cincinnati USA. so what he does is Grab people from social media and show them how he can get engagements and clicks to a link or content within a certain time period. the game he does is he has paid team of people who ready fire the engagements,nets black hat method and he send them the message when the prospect post a content so then they all go one time and start to like endgame with the content to beat the algorithms of social media platforms like facebook, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE ETC… he also has secret pen name he made for himself but no one knows if you search Known As “FREE DAVE” Williamson found here.

What do you get for $497?

Almost nothing they just show black hat social media method with his team and charge $497 right away.. How his team does it. A member who reports this story to us said his own experience how it happened and charge from his PayPal by force.. what was happen they ask if he or she wants to see engagements on his post and they do that little black hat thing and see some results right away. They say him to open their Paypal and send money to a friend not even for a product no invoice and they just transfer money from him to Davids ac .. Dave D. Williamson Scam and then the person can not even dispute as it sends to know a friend that the main catch you have to be aware. but that 2 years ago but he does not know what method they use now, the last year 2018 Paypal get rid of thousands of these grey types of gamers out of PayPal maybe he try now with crypto..lol These types of unethical fraud people. !

Who join SPR? who social-pro-revolution-dave-d-williamson-scam target

Dave D. Williamson Scam What we found from our own research they target older people, senior people, that they can manipulate easy show this is like Majic and charge them from Paypal or get their credit card details easy. and we found most of the members who bought it are aged around 50-70 years old. so that kind of look like those badass Nigerian scams. But all of them no older people there are few young Ladies he targets too we found some of them really active in their community to attract older men. That something to consider.

How Dave D. Williamson Brainwash members?

AS THE FRUSTRATED MEMBER SAID… He discourages people to promote anything other than SPR scam at the time but he claims that members can apply stuff to any. but they ask them to commit to the team and do that engagement thing when new people join so they can keep doing this scheme.

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6 thoughts on “Social pro-revolution Dave D. Williamson Scam ?”

  1. I was contacted by David Williams and he requested $3000 for his course he was quite forceful in saying I was not investing in myself. When he said the course costs $3000 I tried to check him out but was not quick enough so I told him I was retired and didn’t have that kind of money. He became very forceful but I stood my ground and said I would come back to him and after some google research found a lot of negative comments about him

  2. Dave D williamson contacted me on Facebook as friend request. Then he started spamming my timeline page and kept spamming me on chat. I just ignored all his spam messages, then shortly after his spam messages turned into a series of insults. He blocked me so I was never able to reply back to his rude insults. He’s obviously a very sad disturbed person in life. Facebook needs to remove this jerk!

    1. Thank you sharing your experience with this person call, Dave D williamson, we got numerous complainz about his scam and spams that’s why we made this to aware please report him on Facebook and share this with your friends too.

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