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Does Moosend Automation Better Than Mailchimp Automation?

Yes, Moosend sends Automated emails big Time…

Moosend Automation Better Than Mailchimp Automation

Moosend send Automated emails with ease. Moosend is all in one email marketing automation tool from day one. It easy to send email marketing Campaigns on Autopilot. Top converting automation workflows able to do with Moosender.

Also with Moosend emails can be Personalized without losing automation triggers. If you have an email newsletter yo can set it up to deliver at on right time and automate the whole process. Also, Moosend has inbuilt automation sending slacks recipes to create flow with easy drag and drop flow builder.

How basically Moosend automation work?

Lets says a prospect or subscriber enter to your email newsletter list by subscribing..

1 st trigger on susbcribe

2. Send automtaed welcome email

3. Wait one day and send a follow up

so just like that sky is the limit scale your day too day business with onetime set up automation triers and follow ups

When you use Moosend ( create forever free account here) You also get a jump start 30 done for you email ready-made email templates.

What are main 3 parts in Moosend automation features

1. Triggers : Select the user even to start Automation kick start when prospect come through the funnel

2. Controls conditional steps: User can set the filter conditions that you set up a trigger for.

3. Actions : User can select list of actions that show how to make it work actions.

How to create Moosend Automation step by step?

If you not a Moosend user you need at least free account 1st. Once inside your Moosend Account creating automation is a piece of cake. Automation is all part of your follow up sequence so once that set up all set to send with al the rules you set to the flow.

Create new automation, Below screen-cast video will show you all the automation modules available in Moosend automation feature.

Unlike Mailchimp’s limited automation features But Moosend got a whole lot of organized section of automation rules to select from there is about 18 done for you automation rules to get started and you can save them as permanent recipe automation for use in future follow upflows.

Welcome email sequence

Abandoned cart

when you have a shopping cart and when they fill the form but at some point, they might aband it so send this for those incomplete purchasers. It not second to mailer lite either.


When you get to know all your subscribers its better o know their personal important dates like Anniversaries and birthdays you can simply set up and forget using this automation flow and make them excited and give them discounts on what not…

Change in thecustom field

Use any custom field value as a criterion to further personalize the email the subscribers receive.

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Happy birthday email

Do you have a special discount coupon for your audience? Use this workflow to send a gift to the members of your list on their birthday.

Loyalty sequence – part 1

Use this workflow in conjunction with “Loyalty sequence – part 2” to reward loyal customers. Use this first part of the sequence to set a custom field value, e.g. number of purchases. This value will then be used as a trigger for the second part of the sequence.

Loyalty sequence – part 2

Use this workflow in conjunction with “Loyalty sequence – part 1” to reward loyal customers, when they achieve any goal set in a custom field.

New customer thank you email

Your customers will appreciate a warm thank you. This workflow will help you segment your buyers list and show them your gratitude.

Onboarding email sequence

Help your subscribers find their way in your sales funnel by sending them the right campaign at the right time. Use any filters you want to automatically assign your readers to different paths according to their behavior. This workflow can also be used to engage new subscribers and remove the unresponsive ones, thus maintain a clean list.

Re-engagement email based on weather

Does the weather affect your product sales? If yes, use this automated workflow to send different campaigns to subscribers who have expressed interest in a product category. For example, when a user clicks a link related to women’s accessories, the workflow checks the weather conditions at their locations, and, if it’s rainy, they will receive an offer for an umbrella; if the sky is clear, they will get an email about summer hats.

Repeat purchases reminder

Make sure your customers don’t run out of stock! Remind them to refill their stash or top up their account on a regular basis.

Special offer reminder

Utilize advanced website tracking to remind people to claim an offer. When your subscriber visits a particular page on your site, this workflow will be triggered to first segment people into buyers and non-buyers, and then send out a reminder about the offer.

Specific area of interest

Utilize advanced website tracking to send the appropriate campaign to people that visit a specific page for the first time. When your subscriber visits a particular page on your site, this workflow will be triggered to send out relevant content. Use this sequence to identify users interested in a product or service category, location, pricing plans, etc. and then send out targeted messages.

Specific custom field value is changed

Send relevant content when the value of a custom field is changed for the first time. This could be used in various cases, e.g. when a prospect becomes a buyer and a “buyer” custom field is set from zero to one.

Survey buyers

Take advantage of this workflow to automatically survey your audience. Send a follow up after a specified time Take advantage of this workflow to automatically survey your audience. Send a follow up after a specified time to learn more about their experience, what they liked and what you can improve.

Upsell / cross-sell

Employ advanced ecommerce tracking to increase revenue. With this automated sequence, you can have a powerful tool to send product recommendations to buyers soon after they purchase. Use it to sell more of the same product, a complementary one, or a similar product.

Weather-based upsell / cross-sell

Do your sales change with the weather? If yes, use this automated workflow to upsell or cross-sell to buyers only, according to the weather conditions in their area. By employing this automated workflow you can sell more goods of the same kind or complementary products or services to confirmed buyers.

Website re-engagement email

Don’t let website visitors forget about your brand and offers. Separate people to those who have previously purchased from your site and those who were just visiting. Send them a personalized campaign according to their client status.

Adding or removing flows

Make sure you add a name to your Automation flow and describe as much you can do it easy for you to configure when you have so many automation follow-ups as you scale your business.

Watch the above video and as you add and remove all the triggers you need as you wish make sure to Save the whole process at the end.

Also, pick a name for the automation and you can save it as an automation recipe for your business.


Now you understand Moosend automation way easy and have so much scalability than Mailchimp. and price-wise Moosend is way affordable without losing quality.

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