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How mailerlite features work review

How mailerlite features work review

How mailerlite features work review

How mailerlite features work?

Mailer light not just email marketing platform. Mailer lite provide more features like.

Drag-and-drop Editor

Build beautiful email newsletters with our Drag-and-Drop Editor. Fast and simple!

You can try mailer lite now for free here.

Custom HTML Editor

We offer a variety of pre-designed email templates to help you deliver the best looking content.

Rich Text Editor

Create simple text newsletters that are always readable on any device with our Rich Text editor.

Free newsletter design templates

We offer a variety of pre-designed email templates to help you deliver the best looking content.

Built-in photo editing feature

Crop, resize and edit photos using our built-in tools. No need to use another software to make your photos look good.

File Manager

Managing your files when creating email campaigns can be difficult. Our file manager makes the whole process a breeze.

Subscriber Management

Get organized! Upload your subscribers and let us handle the rest – unsubscribes, bounces and more.

Add Popups

Popup subscribe forms are the most effective way to convert your website visitors to subscribers.

Create Landing Pages

Create new possibilities and results for your marketing campaigns with our free landing page feature.

Embeddable Webforms

Design signup forms for your website using our simple Webform Builder. Make them fit your brand and style.

Unsubscribe page builder

Custom unsubscribe forms to get the most out of your audience who have decided to go.

Campaign Reports

Track everything: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment and much more with our reports.

Click Maps

Track what your audience is interested in. Do they tend to click on pictures more than buttons? Click maps allows you to gain insight on how your audience is interacting.

You can try mailer lite now for free here.

Opens by Location

See where your subscribers are located, including which countries have the most opens.

Email Automation

Our automation tool allows you create sophisticated marketing campaigns within minutes. Use our workflow builder for several types of automated campaigns.

RSS Campaigns

Automatically send new blog posts to your subscribers. Set it up once and MailerLite will take care of everything else.

Auto Resend

Increase your open rate by 30% by automatically resending your campaign to recipients who didnโ€™t open it or didnโ€™t click any link.

A/B Split Testing

Send two slightly different emails, see which performs better and automatically send the winning version to the rest of your subscribers.

User Permissions

With user permissions different members of the team can effortlesly collaborate and create amazing marketing campaigns.

You can try mailer lite now for free here.

iPhone App

With our app you will have real time access to your email campaigns and subscribers in the palm of your hand.

iPad Subscribe App

This app is a perfect way to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place!


Connect your MailerLite account to the most popular web services to achieve a more efficient workflow.

Developer API

Our API makes it easy for developers to simply and smoothly integrate with other apps.

So now you see all above features only come with Mailter lite other than any other mailing platform
price is so low and you will get all these amazing features as a pro paid member.

You can try mailer lite now for free here.

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5 thoughts on “How mailerlite features work review”

  1. Hi Counzila
    Now i see Aweber got free plan. When i read your review about Mailer light now i m thinking what may bring me more open rates when i do mass emails.. can you look over this for me?

    1. Hi Kenneth
      1st thank for reading our full review about Mailer lite… yes we found out that too Aweber has free option now. but when we wrote this post they did not have that. But according to your question you mention sending mass emails.. So in that case we do not recommend either service since they are very restrict on your open rates and click through rates to bring more open and value to your subscribers! so for you we recommend this its call Elastic mail try them… Hope that helps..

      Otherwise, Aweber also has new features and mailer lite got some other automation feature that may help you..both great companies when it comes to this industry. its about your long term strategy. as your list grows your plan price wil also grow ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Julissa.coaldrake
      Thanks for taking action and yes it great email marketing tool. , but we free option you not get all the automation feature you need to run emails.. Hope that help to take even better decision…

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