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Social media customer coordinator social media customer coordinator

Job-Social media customer coordinator-sales

Work as Social Media Customer Coordinator Sales,

Job description:

  • Develop and execute social media and public relations strategies to meet clients’ goals and objectives (e.g. increase visibility, membership and traffic) Simply add and meet new friends/people,connect with them be authentic, build trust and offer out products,to the right people.inform them(never spam:Do not send products links with our their permission)
  • Develop your own brand awareness and online reputation.
  • Write and post daily online content. Share them ask people to comment ,share and like if possible.When people comment reach out to them start build a relationship message them then offer our products
  • Target people Join home base business,small business social media groups,find people who love it and add them ask them to be your friend.
  • Cultivation of leads and sales.
  • Write communication materials (e.g. Ethical sales pitches, news releases product information, social media content etc.)

Get Paid:

We pay percentage per sale(about 35%).That could be depend on the product , bought  from your connection.Amount couldbe USD $ 97 to $400 Per Sale also monthly incentives,per sale.


  • Flexibility.
  • No need to report time,no need report boss.
  • Get paid  high,per every sale
  • Monthly insensitive per sale
  • Do in your own hours(day,night free time as you go)
  • No contracts
  • No confidence to continue?Quit anytime.much more.
  • No cost for you product wise (You do not have to buy)

Our Best products:(High value informational and digital products)

Max Performance Master Coaching Course (Cost to the customer,Usd $ 997-1344 one time)

Have easy flexible payment options by 3 installments

A world-class coaching course taught by a leading NLP master and Life Coach, this program will not only coach you, but will teach you how to effectively coach others. Discover how to set goals and outcomes, properly use affirmations, increase motivation, and release “stuck” emotions.

Max Profit Accelerator (Cost to the customer,Usd $ 297 one time)

Have easy flexible payment options by 3 installments

Learn how to build a successful coaching business, brand and package your services, craft a powerful sales pitch, and learn how to work with clients in an organized and effective way.

Next Level Mastermind Coaching (Cost to the customer,Usd $ 99 Monthly)

Weekly LIVE coaching workshops hosted by a world-renowned coach and NLP master to help you increase motivation and overcome boundaries in your life and business. Each session is recorded so that you can review each session over and over at your leisure.Weekly coaching session web base,live and replay available)

Kalatu Cloud plus resale license (Cost to the customer,Usd $ 47 Monthly)

A groundbreaking internet marketing platform containing every tool you need to run a thriving online business. Some of the tools included are integrated video and audio email, video hosting, evergreen webinar integration, custom social media automation, and more…
see it in action Watch,Features and how it works.

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Social media customer coordinator social media customer coordinator



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