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How to co-develop your community?

Co-develop your community, Allow your members to be creative and come up with ideas. Do you have a community? if not create your own community at skoool here, it’s way better than those distractingFacebookk free groups, and its not free you have to pay for have great features that build ma milliondoallr community. Just try it….

skool community tool
skool community tool

How amazing have ideas become reality to co-develop your community?

co-develop your community

Create Events

Creating new projects

New Articles

Job opportunities


Expericne and credibility

A new business opportunity

An industry trend

New Community challenge

Solve problem fro members

skool community tool for better community
skool community tool for better community

When you spot a new idea & co create your community?

Elevate it: quote and reference it. also share it

Dig deeper: Ask questions, seek understanding, understand goals and desired outcomes.

Create connections: introduce them to someone in the community, show them what already exists and share your ideas around it.

Turn it into a project: when there is a potential create the project, seek permission from admins, offer resources, share your success in the community itself,be transparent,be fair, give more than you get.

Talk about your ideas

See who shows up in the community

Ask for help.

Always seek partnerships and collaborations.

Create experiments.

Give credit

Share the success

Seen a member struggling in the community?

How to save our ship… if somone ย distress or in Morse .. help them..

Dig deeper: Ask them relevant questions, ask how can i help you, ask what is the problem, get charity.

Offer: Your time, money, Resoucres. Offer attention, offer elevation, offer validation, offer a connection, conversations, offer your experiences to solve it.

How skool work – click on iamge to go see it real create trial account

Looking for a way to develop your community and allow your members to be creative? Look no further than skoool. Here you can create your own community and get access to all the best resources and tools. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

skool community group
skool community group

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