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How can I build a sales funnel for a fashion brand?

build a sales funnel for a fashion brand
build a sales funnel for a fashion brand?

Build a sales funnel for a fashion brand? Creating a sales funnel is a great way to nurture your leads, generate sales, and grow your business. A sales funnel can be applied to any business, but is particularly useful for brands in the fashion industry, as there can be barriers to purchase when it comes to luxury goods. By  separating  the purchasing process into a series of steps and incorporating trust building techniques, it’s possible to overcome these barriers and generate conversions.

So what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing analogy that explains the process of moving a prospect towards taking action. For example, the sales funnel can be compared to a well. Just as there’s only one way in and many ways out of a well, there’s often only a few ways out of a sales process. By bottle necking your leads towards your desired outcome, you’re able to increase conversion and push customers to the final stage of your sales process, leading to increased  revenue.

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Below is an example of a typical sales funnel:

One-click Pricing

Free Trial

Sign Up


This example echoes the steps a user would take to sign up for a free trial of a software program. By placing someone into this type of sequential funnel, you’re able to nurture them  towards taking action and subscribing to the program, while also collecting crucial data about their preferences along the way.

So, if a sales funnel can be used to convert prospects into customers, could it be used to convert unsold inventory into sales? In short, yes. A sales funnel can be taken ‘off throttle’ and put to  use as a method of pulling prospective customers towards your brand and products, as well as pushing them to make purchases.

When it comes to fashion brands, sales funnels are particularly useful in two ways:

Pre-selling your products

Overcoming barriers to purchase

By using a layered sales funnel, you’re able  to move a user towards making a purchase, thereby solidifying a sale. Let’s take a look at how this technique can be used to maximize conversions.

How do I build a sales funnel?

There are several steps to building a sales funnel, but the first thing you’ll need to decide on is: Wh  at product or service are you trying to sell?

If you have products that are suitable for a sales funnel, you’ll need to set up a clear and concise buying process that guides customers towards making a purchase. In the case of premium fashion brands, their products are not cheap, so the buying process must reflect that in order to  avoid scaring customers off.

The key is to begin by lowering the barrier to purchase by selling an low-cost item as an opportunity to ‘test drive’ the brand, a bundle of products, or a full set. This can be referred to as ‘one-click’ pricing, and includes either: 

A single product

A bundle of products

A coupon for a future purchase

From there, the sales funnel can be expanded to include other products and push prospective customers to buy these instead of the originally proposed product.

Another key to building a sales funnel is to set clear and consistent boundaries. As we’ll  see below, there are several stages to a sales funnel, and it’s important to ensure customers know what they’re getting themselves into – and when.

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Here’s a basic sales funnel setup you can use:

Free trial / samples – This lets people sample your product or brand for free in exchange for their  personal information and a few minutes of their time. This is a great way to get people to sample your product, offer first-time discounts, or even ask customers to fill in a short survey in exchange for a discount or free sample.

One-click purchase – This is the stage where people can conveniently and easily buy your product directly after  viewing it. This can be a physical product or a digital offering such as a course, book, or subscription.

Membership / exclusive access – After buying your product, encourage people to join your community or receive exclusive access to additional material by pushing more buying options.

Upsells – Here you can encourage customers who’ve  purchased a product to buy an upgraded or additional product.

Example – They use a visual sales funnel, used by Nadine Wakefield, who runs Men’s Style Lotion. He has products that are popular and helps his buyers learn. Every sale funnel link in a website provides new articles.Each article has a link to a purchase of his Men’s Style Lotion Premium Balm product.. This is great because he’s able to show people the benefits of his product by discussing the topics.

Behind-the-scenes / exclusive access – Create a  behind-the-scenes (BTS) offering, something that’s exclusive and only available to a select few. This can encourage buyers to feel special, exclusive, and eager to buy.

Hero image – Use a compelling image as a focal point for your landing page. It should invoke curiosity and entice visitors to find out more .

Circle of Trust – Form a Circle of Trust where select readers or buyers are invited to join if they agree to receive additional, bonus content, deals, or exclusive access in exchange for a certain amount of extra money.

Free demo/trial – Offer a free demo or trial to entice people to provide their details and take  advantage of the offer. This can be a service, software, or even a physical product.

Free consultation – Free consultations are great because they ease the buyer’s worries and prevent them from feeling that they need to make a full purchase today.

How can i build a lead generation funnel

By collecting their  information, you’ll be able to send relevant content and pitches to encourage them to become buyers later on.

Example – This is what Neil Smythe, who runs Lead Magnet Bootcamp, does. He provides a lead magnet in exchange for contact details. In this case, the contact details are for people who’d like to  get access to his LinkedIn group.

Free offer – A free offer entices people to provide their details and ttake advantage of the offer. This can be a service, software, or even a physical product.

Lead generation form – Don’t make it hard for visitors to provide their details. Make it easy  and accessible by placing a lead generation form in a prominent position on your landing page.

Signup countdown – Utilize a signup countdown to urge visitors to signup promptly because there’s only a set amount of time to do so.

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How can i build an affiliate marketing funnel

This is a great way to incentiv  our affiliates to spread the word about our product or service to their own audiences.

Affiliate program – Create a simple affiliate program where affiliates receive a commission for every sale they send your way.

Free promotion – Affiliates are more than happy to promote your product or service for free if it means they stand to gain a lot of  money. So, be generous with your promotions and offer them a free service or trial period.

Udemy may create promotional offers to promote their business. There are excellent ways for affiliates to attract leads.

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Common questions asked by many of our users…

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Free offer – A free offer entices people to provide their details and  access your content. You can then utilize that information to convert them into paying customers at a later date.

Trial or demo – If you can provide a trial or demo, do so. People love to get a little taste of what your product or service has to offer before they commit fully.

Membership site – Create a membership  site where you provide ongoing value to your subscribers in exchange for a recurring payment.

Paid course – Release a paid course to indoctrinate new professionals into your tribe and unlock deeper levels of mastery and access when they’re ready.

Paid access – Create a paid level of access to your inner circle, where the most privileged  insiders  get extra perks.

Can you think about another type of marketing funnel you can use for your business?


Marketing funnels are a great way to organize and direct a company\’s consumer journey.

A sales funnel describes the movement of a prospective customer toward the purchase of a good or service.  A marketing funnel illustrates the progression a potential client makes as they move towards becoming an advocate for your brand.

The above infographic provides a succinct overview of the various components which make up a sales or marketing funnel. Understanding the core concepts relating to each stage will enable businesses to effectively execute marketing and sales strategies.

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