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How bad affiliate marketers learn ?

How bad affiliate marketers learn……While ago we fought back to help innocent newbie dreamers to get their money back from affiliate marketer call Phil Carrick. Allowing that person to stay anonymous and write a guest post, what really happen to him.. we ask him to reveal the truth. Because we are here to help newbies, not just affiliats there some gurus try to fake it to make it.

Why does he want to hide it and just blaming to 3rd party site?

He fights back saying our site is a scam affiliate site without contact information,, but he did not know that the people who reveal truth like to stay anonymous to keep their brand safe.

How bad affiliate marketers learn, Phil writes a post about our site that an affiliate site with lots of ads. that not the case here he learns his lesson we found he tweet about it we embed it but just in case if he deletes it below the text…

He also affiliates marketer that should be an affiliate but his problem his he not stand out for what he sell as an affiliate that what exactly happened to the newbeiw..he bought a product from him and he stop communicate with him leaveing him nowhere… that not good for a new beiw dreamer who wants to start a his online business and found affiliate guru who try to other people stuff..(who is an affiliate)

Phil [email protected]Did you know that one bad review could plummet your sales? We absolutely want to make sure you pay close attention to your reputation online! Here are some key reasons why your company needs reputation management!

Does he now real?

According to his own tweet, he asks his twitter audience that did you know one bad review could plummet your sales..exactly what happened to him and we forecast it in this blog post here Phil Carrick Fraud ?

phil carrick scam ? How bad affiliate marketers learn

Also sorry again our English is the second language as we try to help people we want to reveal them even we having a hard time hope you understand it.

last words

We were in the industry while to understand these gurus,, we think with this kind of posts they see it and learn their lessons and will treat their team’s people with respect.

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