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How to exclude cache plugin caching sitemapxmls

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How to exclude cache plugin caching sitemap xmls

Here is the codes for main caching plugins,

Wp super cache

You can exclude XML Sitemap from caching with WP Super Cache easy
Go to Settings > WP Super Cache
Next go to Advanced tab.
Scroll all the way down says
“Add here strings (not a filename) that forces a page not to be cached” and enter the following string in the box:


Wp total cache

If you are using above plugin for XML Sitemap for caching W3 Total Cache
Now go to Performance
Find “Page Cache”
Next scroll down says “Never cache the following pages”. Enter code below on that box,


same code to if you have Database Caching at “Never cache the following pages” under Performance ,
also at Minification
Performance find Minify
add same code in the area available says “Never minify the following pages”.

also at last don’t forget,
Browser Cache
add same code in the 404 error exception list too.

Wp Rocket

ok one of best plugin paid, you can get clean XML Sitemap from caching
with WP Rocket
WP Rocket
Advanced Options
Down below find, says “Never cache the following pages”. add code,
at the box..

once you done these adding make sure flush up your cache.
Hope this also helped me 🙂 so i shared…

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