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How To Create Responsive Landing Pages

How To Create Responsive Landing Pages

How To Create Responsive Landing Pages ? So you want mobile ready done for you Landing Pages in few minutes, without have to touch a code or a website designer involved  with  To get done all updates and maintain?  And,

Are your ad campaigns sending paid Traffic to your affiliated company saturated links or any other regular pages on your blog, instead  having a customized special page?

Oh Nooo… You leaving your most profits and income to all your competition. don’t you? You not getting results you deserve right?…If that the case, this post will help you, guide you, How To Create Responsive Landing Pages without hassles.

Find Out Why you need a customized special page for your business?

We have two Options for you one call Counzila Amaze Pages ( by the way its our own service for you) And option far better but bit pricey if you are on a budget> but that tool worth of all your money we” reveal it how to get that tool with extra Bonus Training.

Its very important to save your time when it comes to business that why you need a build custom pages with littile turn around time it is key to success. Getting marketing setups Done very quickly, with the minimum effort, and then able tweak and optimize it after.

First of all Do you Know What is a Landing Page? and why you always need one..?

Create landingpages and funnels

When you have a marketing or advertising projects, your desired End results should be more profits leads and sales, right?  And same time giving away somthing free or for less price to grab more eyeballs to your product or service. That’s when a specail customized page come in Play. You need a dedicated page for that offer that get only can get done by using a landinga page or squeeeze page.

additionaly, you will have to cut cost in advertising to get traffic to your pages (people do ads using ppc ads pay per click-Bingor google adwords or Facebook Ads), or even send people using free social media platfforms or solo emails ads seo finaly bring you conversion  (emails subscribers or direct sales).

If Your page Not Ready then It may Lose-point your marketing campaign.If you created a Low perform landing page. It will lead not only losing money but also you will lose targeted prospects. You already spend your budget for traffic so it is not a good idea if that scenario happened to you.

We here to show you how create high quality custom landing opage that made for bring you more profits ultimtaly without losing money at front end, means you break even, before even show and make sales from backend.

A good-performing page on the other hand, one that is optimised for conversions, will boost your results significantly, maybe even hugely. It good choise to use done for you or good quality tools with out having to spend cheap ones. Top Marketers always emphasise they only looking for great conversion from there advertsing efforts that all bring them cash after follow ups.

Its wise to use Direct landing pages becaus less distraction. You know normal websites have so much content ,menues may be banners,forms etc. a good landing page only focus on getting a conversion ,something like email adreess,phone number,conatct info or  a sale. People take action on simple pages.

Now, If you need that high performance get more sign ups email and sales you have to send traffic to a high performing mobile ready landing page that complete your goal.

It will not only save you more money it will bring you more profits long-run.

Start creating a simple funnel in 10 minutes.

If you don’t have templates and done for you tools it may takes hours to figure out, stuff like

Better copy writing

Adding Images

adding call to ations which colors to use etc

So what if you can get access to alll done for you services that bring you time and more cash into your pocket?

That how funnels system come in play like 10 minute funnels and Click funnels for example.


How To Create Responsive Landing Pages

You do not have to create a responsive landing page from scratch with our recommned services according to your budget you get done for you mobile responsvie high quality pages in minutes. So you can start your ad campagin ASAP to see results and to split tests then. to optimze  and achive top results.

As we recommend with 10M funnels or  Clickfunnels you waste mostly less than 20 minutes to figure it out. After that to get all done less than 10 minutes. Altogether its only take less than 10 minutes to setup and start completed funnels with these tools. Not only that these services improve their technology  to bring more success to their customers by staying top of competition so there is noway that you lose.

Split test help you to get idea what pages work best and put more advetisng on best pages which bring most results. You only have to put it in action.and show your funnels and pages to real peoplel.

So get done for you landing pages that created for you . Then tweak  using roation process and traffic anlytics which in built using scripts.its that easy. You need more conversion results then better to be collect traffic dat and see how it done. and again put traffic on those winning pages and funnels.

You can get started with simple funnel that create for collect email addresses and send them to video sales page or to a simple thank page with buy options. that to cover your front end ad cost to stay break even.

How to make a Lead Generation Landing Funnel?

System comes with a number of proven ready-made templates, that you can modify to suit your needs. If there is something there that is close to what you want, then you may modify it as your relavat to what you offer that is vfasttes way to finish your set  up  funnel

Even we said you can use done for you tools you may can start from scratch. and only have to add small elements to your design no coding required.

Now watch how to do this we take Click funnel as a example,


What’s Working …?

How To Create Responsive Landing Pages?

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You saw how he did drag and drop menus other elements that you want just clicks away and set them on appropriate part of the page.

Each element has it’s own properties that you can set, such as font, size, paddings, colours, etc.As well as text and images, you can add multi column layouts, buttons, opt-in forms, credit card symbols, and many more goodies.

Drag a content box from the menu on the right onto your page. This is just a container that will hold all the elements of the page.

Because we’re very goal-focused, we’re going to start at the end! This is a lead generation page, so the first thing we’ll add, is the outcome we want more emails.

Even though these systme got inbuild email services You also can intergrated with major platfroms like getresponse, aweber mailer light sending blue or add custiome email html form from any email marketing servuice. also you can dd count down timers payment gateways and much more intergrations.

email marketing system

Add a headline, and some body copy, again by simply dragging the elements from the side menus. Actually t all take less than 10 minutes to get that done.

Within a few minutes,just dragging and dropping the elements you require, and altering their settings and contents you can soon make this into a responsive and professional landing page [squeeze page], with no coding or HTML skills at all! Tech guys fired. πŸ™‚

Add your own logo abd brand your self without struggling and you should good to go for your advertsing.

Ok i got what you may think now thats a simple one. What about more complex pages? Long-form sales pages for example, with many elements, including video and more complex designs?

How to make a long-form sales page with Thrive Landing Pages?

Long-form landing pages are created in exactly the same way. These system made to bring simplicity to overcome complexity that’s why it call funnels. You just have to add more elements on the page, and add more funnels to srink the advertising cost.

Here are some of the elements you can add to a long-form or advance funnels.

advnace Buttons & Calls to Action
Testimonials with Responsive Videos.
Feature Grids
Multi-column layouts
Countdown Timers
Table of Contents
Content Reveals
Styled Lists
Tabs & Toggles
Lead Generation Elements
much more see it in action with this specail free trail

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