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Chatbot messenger app providers

Have you ever wondered how many chatbots are active on the major messenger apps right now? Well, if you have, here’s a quick look at the stats as of March 20, 2021:

Messenger App Bot Users

Facebook Bot Users: 145 million

Facebook Bots in Operation: 20 million+

On WhatsApp: 55 million  + 

On Telegram: 9 million+ 

On Messenger: 6 million+ 

On Slack: 1.5 million+ 

Chatbot messenger app providers
Chatbot messenger app providers

Chatbot messenger app providers : Try Mobile Monkey

As you can see, right now, Facebook Bots are leading the pack in active users and the number of bots active on the platform is growing at a steady rate.

According to the latest statistics from  Business Insider, over 40% of businesses already have a presence on WhatsApp. And as you can see from the graph above, the growth is substantial and we can only expect more businesses to integrate messaging apps into their overall marketing strategy in the years to come. So, if you are looking to get a jump start on your competition, a chat bot on  Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or even Slack, could be the best way to do so.

But before you get started building a Facebook Bot yourself, it’s always good to know what others think of this new marketing channel. Here’s a look at some of the positives and negatives of operating a chat bot on popular messenger  apps:

Chatbot messenger app providers The positives: 

Low cost of setup/operation – It is one of the easiest ways to set up and run a business. The minimum costs to get a Facebook Bot up and running are far less than what it would take to run a storefront or even a virtual office. 

Negligible overhead – There is also  negligible  physical office overhead since the bots don’t actually meet or talk to customers.

Great visibility – Since the bots can be placed at the very top of a messenger app, they get great visibility and are easy to locate for customers searching for your brand.

Chatbot messenger app providers The negatives:

High competition – With a lot of popular messenger apps  currently  having over a billion users each, the competition is certainly not low. On top of that, there are thousands of bots already active on Facebook’s platform. So, if you don’t do your research first, you could find yourself in a highly competitive niche.

Timing is everything – Since most messaging apps currently  have a lot of user traffic, the window of opportunity to interact with customers is also high, but only if you manage to setup and run your bot at an off hour. If you operate your bot during a peak hour, users will find it hard to engage with you.

Also, if you are planning to run a Facebook Bot for your  business, you need to know about the following components:

The components of a Facebook Bot

Since 2016, when Facebook announced the release of its own bot platform, the company has been evolving its software to make it easier for businesses to integrate with Messenger. As a result, the bots have become more human-like.  Facebook Messenger. 

The platform now offers a number of advanced tools, making it possible to build interactive and engaging bots that can connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

That said, the technology is still evolving, making it an attractive but sometimes challenging option for a business.

Affordability – As mentioned earlier, the  entry-level price of a bot development is less than $1000. However, it is to be noted that the cost can go up depending on the features of your bot.

The good news is that you can test the waters with a fairly small investment, and if your bot fails to gain traction you can chalk it up to experience and  retool. 

Easier development – Compared to developing an app for iOS or Android, building a bot is much easier. The code used to build a bot is JavaScript, which most web developers already know.

Moreover, since bots run in the browser, web developers don’t need to worry about the security risks inherent  in app development. 

Great user experience (UX) – Since Facebook Messenger is such a popular communication tool, users’ expectations of how a bot should interact are already set. That means that designers and developers don’t have to work hard to teach users how to use a bot.

In fact, most users are already  expecting bots to respond in familiar ways, which opens up a lot of opportunities for developers to create innovative and unique bots. 

Great for single tasks – Since the interface of a bot is usually very simple, it’s easy for users to understand how to get what they want from a bot. That means that developers don  t need to build complex algorithms to teach a bot how to accomplish complex tasks.

That said, since bots are so fast and easy to use, users may come to rely on their bots for many tasks, even those that could be accomplished more efficiently by using a website or app.

Bot limitations

Although bots are gaining in popularity and  usefulness, they do have some limitations that developers should be aware of:

Windows desktop/laptop users won’t be able to use your bot – Since Facebook Messenger is available only through a browser, your bot will be useless to anyone using a desktop or laptop with Windows.

Limited access to user data – Because bots run  in the browser, developers have limited access to the user data that normally powers an app. Bot developers also don’t have access to user location data.

This means that bots can’t provide the same personalized experiences as apps or websites. However, most bots can at least collect and store user-entered information such as names  and email addresses.

Limited access to camera and microphone – Although bots run through Facebook Messenger, which requires a lot of approval from the user to access their data and permissions, bots do have limited access to the camera and microphone.

This means that developers must be careful when using these inputs in their bots, since the standards of privacy for the general public are high.

Bot spam – As with any new technology, bots are increasingly being abused by spammers. Since bots can be programmed to respond quickly, they’re ideal for spamming unsuspecting users with repetitive, unwanted messages.

Bot marketing and promotions strategy

Because bots can collect and store user information, they  are a great tool for gathering email lists, sending promotional and marketing messages, and collecting contact information for future outreach.

Bot messaging

When arranging an automated messaging sequence with a bot, keep in mind that the order in which you present content can have a significant effect on your audience’s response. Although bot messaging is new, there are  some general best practices to keep in mind when designing and editing messaging scripts.

Begin with an icebreaker message – To help break the ice and build trust with your users, include a message that introduces yourself or your bot in a non-intrusive way.

Remember to be personal – Your messaging should be personalized to each user. 

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