How anti-screen grab protection works

How anti-screen grab protection works
How anti-screen grab protection works

How anti-screen grab protection works?

It is a brower extention or a browser like Aol Shield, Using that kind of web protection service You are  able to Protect Yourself Online.

Smart browser like The AOL Shield  come with protection and featured host of advanced security features, Now with that you may worry less about online threats as you stay long hours or doing purchases around your day.  Shopping, banking, social media that kind of software has ways to help protect your information.

Why online surf protection you need for the things you do every day?,

Anti theft key-logg technology provides real-time encryption that hides what you enter on your keyboard from bad guys out there.
anti-screen grab protection alway could stop malware hacking tricksm taking pictures of your screen as you enter private confidential data.
It will also Stop scam websites from loading so you don’t get faced into revealing personal deta on yours.

System Requirements for Browser like AOl Shield:

Windows 7  or up (win10)
Currently Tablet and Mobile are not supported
An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable
350 MB of free disk space
512 MB of RAM

Get Shield from Aol for free and safe surf,


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