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Amaze landing pages service- review

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Amaze landing pages service- review and benefits.

Amaze landing pages , just created pages for your small online business presence and brand you.

Benefits of these branding pages:

If you start up online its hard to stay above cost (you have to pay for the company,landing pages,email services,tracking etc..if you want success you need those tools..most people come online business with lottery mind set to get rich quick one night.but success love hard working people..so you have to work
when it comes to work you need tools like we explain above but those tools so expensive that why Amaze landing pages created you in mind..our services are almost free as what we offer. and the quality is same as the charge of those big brands.
Your sponsor may ask you to join them that’s true but if you are some one just got started ,,We want to keep you in this industry with out quit because you start this with big dreams and goals in mind that what they into

so here we are here to help you with that we recommend those big brands too but start with good ROI ..we mean what if your cost lower than what you make..lets do some simple maths.

Tools and services you need and the cost for them

1st, You need a Company to affiliated with. Most will cost monthly $40 to $297 per month ( if you into residual income- that what you want to go financial debt free and quit job right? ) so that will cost you around
P.S. Most companies got their own tools (business in box type) landing pages,email system and tracking but the problem? those pages already got saturated. so those not work anymore. might work with minimum results.

2nd An email marketing system cost you $15 to 97 per month at least ( but you must need this tool even you use our services.

3rd you need tracking system that will cost around $17 to $35 for a basic one and that’s enough for get started.

4th if you use landing page service or designer ( like leadpages,clickfunnels,freelancer,upwork ) that will cost you $47 to 300 average. per month ( you need landing pages to stand out from the crowd if you need success fast other wise if you use company pages or tools your growth will stay slow or no growth no subscriber list for your self. there so many benefits when you build your own clean list with out borrowing from company or someone else so that way you can help your followers personally recommending tools and services as your business grow..

How about Traffic?

Fact, You can not depend on free methods for traffic like using social media engagements you need traffic that the most expensive when it comes to business..it will cost you around 100 to 1000 depend on what you need per month.

so now so your avg cost for all tools and services (with out traffic) will be about $200 per month just for run the business this with out spending for traffic for fast growth. so if you add traffic spend very low amount at least $200 your total monthly cost will be about$400 so with out at least $400 plus time you can not run a business according to so cold guru but what if we can cut your tool cost using amaze pages. here is math. so

You need same tools for run a business online.

Company : $47 ( your business opportunity monthly cost avg)
email system: $15
Tracking : $17
Amaze Pages : $7 or $22 (vip)
Now your total cost would be about $86 per month ( hows that with amaze landing pages you can save about $100 per month just for switching or using amaze landing pages)

Your savings….

You could add that hundred bucks for your Traffic and get more eye balls to what you offer and getting same results or better results because amaze landing pages optimized for seo,high converting, and mobile friendly. so your conversion rate will be higher with your marketing message good fit to your audience and relevant.

Choice is your save and build your business 1st and then use those expensive services once you have solid foundation or use them now and if not get results you want stay being frustrated and quit..that happens to 95% so be smart and invest small stay on high profit margin and grow with amaze landing pages
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