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5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business with Business Texting

5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business with Business Texting

Did you know you can send entire marketing campaigns via SMS? Not to mention you can put them on autopilot while you focus on less time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 

With TextMagic, you’ll see that there is no need to spend insane amounts of money on expensive marketing platforms. Everything you need to grow your business is one click away, including extensive reporting and analytics that will help you adjust strategies to target clients more effectively.

Text message marketing is a great growth strategy for any company because it is cost-effective, takes minutes to set up, and reaches clients instantly. It is also the only discreet way to send targeted communications because your clients have already agreed to receive your texts. Here’s what a simple SMS can do for your business:

1. Provide consistent communication with SMS automation

Have you ever wondered what you could do to get an edge over your competition?  It’s all in how fast you answer customer queries. Your clients are looking for fast solutions and prompt answers. Text message automation helps you send instant replies, even when you’re not there. 

Create complete SMS sequences to replace email drip campaigns and increase open rates significantly. Statistics show that the average open rate for texts goes up to 98%, while emails barely reach 20%. Eliminate time-consuming tasks for your team and ensure you are always there for your customers.

Another automation perk is that you can send group texts on the spot or schedule them for a later time when your clients are more receptive to receiving business communications. Segment clients into corresponding lists and create the perfect message for a specific group of customers. Secure clients for the long term using automations that hit the spot.

2. Leverage the power of customer feedback

Any business looking to improve customer service and gain actionable insight into customer behavior stands to profit from SMS surveys and polls. They are easy to set up and offer access to instant analytics that will help you adjust campaigns according to client demands. 

Apart from that, polls are very engaging; clients rarely miss out on a chance to offer feedback, and the more they respond, the greater your chances are to make more informed decisions about your product. 

Text Magic text tool dashboard
Text Magic text tool dashboard

There are multiple types of client feedback that you can collect via SMS; companies usually ask for input regarding support, shipping status, or a general evaluation of their product. Here’s how to ask for feedback without taking up too much of your client’s time:

  • Restrict the number of total questions to max. five;
  • Keep surveys focused on a single topic;
  • Always end every communication with a thank you note;
  • Space out questions using SMS automations.

3. Integrate your favorite tools to boost conversions

Texting is not a stand-alone marketing solution. It blends perfectly with other communication apps. Connect TextMagic to over 5,000 apps (e.g., CRMs, scheduling tools, email automation tools, etc.) using Zapier to improve your business communications. 

Benefit from instant alerts, reminders, and notifications that you can send automatically from the apps you use on a daily basis. Sync your Calendar with the TextMagic app to send meeting reminders, automatically update your contact lists in your CRM tool, personalize triggers and actions according to preference, select which apps to sync, and more. 


4. Create engaging text-to-win campaigns

Text-to-win campaigns are a great way to grow your subscriber list, for one. Whenever someone enters a contest, they can be included in your future promotions. 

Another advantage is that it quickly engages clients without being intrusive. You can effortlessly automate text message sequences to match client profiles and send personalized texts to win customers over. 

All you need to do to get started is select a keyword that clients can use to take part in your campaigns. The overall client experience can be customized to boost engagement, and you’ll have access to our full analytics and reporting panel to fine-tune future contests and increase the number of subscribers. 

5. Keep clients coming back for more

The easiest way to reinforce customer loyalty is with improved post-purchase experiences. Be there for your clients on occasions that matter most to them: birthdays, membership anniversaries, important holidays, etc. 

Send tailor-fit content that is accompanied by product discounts, or give them a sneak peek at your future sales campaign using personalized alerts. Keeping customers up-to-date with customized communications shows you are taking an active interest in their lives at every stage of their interaction with your brand, not just when there’s something in it for you. 
Ready to give text message marketing a go? Sign up for a free trial with TextMagic and send your first SMS free.

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